This year's Lantern Festival, many sports fans the addition of a new holiday content, that is, early in custom youth football jerseys the morning in front of the TV, watching NFL (National Football League) finals. However, the most widely used as a domestic platform CCTV sports channel, did not broadcast the event. The reason is very simple, that is the general audience to understand.

words seemingly based on audience interests as the starting point, but in fact, this year the number of local television stations and networks broadcast the NFL have reached a new high. If CCTV set of 'read' theory really established, how can there be so many peers that spared no youth football jerseys custom expense to buy the rights to broadcast it. Thus, in recent years the popularity of NFL in China and recognition level has been greatly improved.

as the nation's first major sports, NFL in the end how popular? According to the 2010 'Forbes' assessment of the value of the NFL's up to $ 420 million, is the world's highest commercial value of individual events, even more than the Olympics and the World Cup together. This year's finals, an average of more than 110 million people watched the game, the total number of 166 million for the U.S. television history ratings high, consecutive five-year refresh last year record. Which the rest of the prime-time games, it is known as the advertising industry's 'Oscar', the price per year more than 100,000 U.S. dollars, totaling a record 250 million in advertising revenue.

is such a high-profile global sporting event, even because 'read' was shut out of CCTV, which is obviously a little too far-fetched. Any one sport, the audience started amateurs, of course, does not broadcast read, not seen, how will people like it. But not all viewers who acquire textbooks or teaching CD, a self athletics rules, and so clear, and let the television to broadcast. You know, golf, snooker and even curling loopholes such projects, it is because all these years televised promotion, only now a stable viewing groups.

course, any one television sports channel, it is impossible to do any events are televised, which can only be properly presented to the audience selected. The reason we know all know, do not play do youth football practice jerseys not play, but do not drop of a hat, 'do not understand' that thing. After that year in the statistics released by CCTV, the relatively unpopular curling ratings than the Champions League, but such popular items.

after Prince William announced their engagement last month, the British royal family but also ushered in another pile wedding! 21 Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips announced the courtship years of England rugby star boyfriend Mike Tyndale engagement. 29-year-old Princess Anne Zara Phillips to its former Fu Make the daughter of the 12th British throne heir.

29-year-old Zara was named the U.S. 'People' magazine as one of the world's 50 youth football jerseys most beautiful woman in the year 2002. She is known as the richest royals rebellious spirit, unwilling to accept the shackles of the royal family do not like tea to drink wine, but often against the bottle to drink beer. She is an excellent equestrian athlete, won several international competitions.

Zara and youth football jerseys wholesale her boyfriend met in 2003 Tyndale's Rugby World Cup match, the two living together for many years. It is learned that Tyndale marry the night of 20 to Zara in Gloucestershire home.

Zara and Tyndale first lived in Princess Anne at a local villa, as Princess Anne villa club far from Tyndale, Tyndale has been disqualified from driving for three years, in order to accommodate her boyfriend's athletic career, Zara and her boyfriend in April 2009 the club moved from the three-story mansion closer, do not hesitate to pay up to £ 800,000 and £ 250,000 rent renovation costs. Tyndale admitted in January 2009 after a match celebration drink driving, driver's license was revoked for 16 months; 2000, because of the same reason, he was ordered to three years shall not drive a car.

before and Tyndale love, Zara and jockey Richard Johnson had a period of up to four years of unbearable romance, but they vary from poor social status and lifestyle increasingly irreconcilable, Zara also subject to beatings Johansson. January 2001, the two eventually led police to fight.









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