Although he is not strong enough, but when faced with the tall than me, brave opponent, does not allow fear I can only difficulties, further, there is likely to be successful, not into it only to fail. Think about it, life is not that right? '

5 月 18 at blank toddler football jerseys 18 am, at the South Campus of Jilin University soccer field, a football team is being trained.

a young man holding a football in front of the dash, followed by a group of people toddler football jerseys struggling to catch up. Soon, they rushed to get together, so overtake each other, collide with each other, attracted college students watching screaming, 'This is what sport, ah, too brutal!'

'rugby surface looks rough, brutal, in fact, this is one containing a struggle, courage, spirit of unity and cooperation of high-end sports.' coach Tony Jay said.

Miao Jie, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Physical Education, Jilin University associate professor at Nanjing Institute of Physical Education in school when that school football team.

2013 In October 2009, he saw a foreigner in Ji Tainan school and several students playing football, very interested, 'I think American football in this collaboration unity, hard work, courageous spirit, is very suitable for the introduction of campus . 'At that time, to coincide with China's first fully equipped college football Union (AFU) to Chittagong doing promotion, willing to finance equipment, protective gear, and hire foreign teachers guidance. He proposed to the school to build a football team, to get approval.

'Our slogan is that no matter how your physical fitness are welcome to join the team.' Miao Jie said, the team was formally established in early April of this year and put into the training, the team called Kat War Horse American football team, the establishment of the early 40 participants, has now grown to 60 people.

'Our one week training four times, each time from 17:00 to 7:00, training two hours.' players from Chi Hsu said he customized toddler football jerseys played defensive position, with each collision is inevitable.

'My girlfriend always felt hit to hit to play football, especially brutal, so each time to practice, she came with me.' he said, a training in early personalized football jerseys for toddlers May, when he was attacking the other players in the barrier, step on the toes of the left foot was swollen.

'I joked at the time and his girlfriend, not stopped practicing.' said Xu Zhi from, turn a thought, although opponents of American football, but there are many detailed rules restricting player movement, even when wearing protective tournament has, therefore, the risk factor is low, but the kind of courage and hard work the team training, toddlers football jerseys teamwork spirit, let him particularly fascinated by the sport, 'I finally decided not to give up the sport.'

'I have a lot of students have started around like a football.' players Zhang Wenxian said before seen a lot of movies about football, a great yearning, 'I'm one to the court, it felt a different person, although he is not strong enough However, when faced with the tall than me, brave opponent, does not allow fear I can only difficulties, further, there is likely to be successful, not into it can only fail. think, life is not so it? '

Miao Jie said, Beijing, Shanghai and Jilin universities are established under the AFU funded football team, there are two Jilin, Jilin University, respectively, and the Northeast Normal University, 'We intend to Kyrgyzstan war horse with American football team out the exchange to expand its influence through the game, while continuing to promote the school to make the sport more vitality. '









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