The Concept

Architects David Serero of Serero Architecture (formerly Degre Zero Architecture), and John Beckman of Axis Mundi designed the innovative UNA table. "We needed a material that could be shaped and curved to create breakthrough furniture designs,” said Serero. “Corian® is the ideal material for our table because it allows for a fluid and continuous feel that is visually exciting -- something no other material can offer.”

The vision was to create a single surface with a seamless look and feel throughout the table. The table fabricated using Glacier White Corian® had three legs which maintain the fluid form of a single plane. It is rectangular in shape, with a height of 16”, width of 28” and length of 60.” The three legs start from the top of the table, flow down to the floor and lift back up to the tabletop in a continuous manner. Each leg is unique and can be used for different functions, including storing magazines and books.

Customized Fabrication Solutions

The challenge was to develop an innovative fabrication solution for the client. We needed to achieve not only a visually pleasing product, but also a product that would be functional, structurally sound and durable. Focusing on the many strengths and formability of Corian®, with our expertise in multi-directional thermoforming, CAD and CNC capabilities we were able to achieve the goal. A CAD model of the table was created. Thermoforming moulds for the table legs were designed.

CNC Machining / Multi-Directional Thermoforming

The CNC router was utilized to cut out the tabletop form, parts and thermoforming moulds. The table legs were thermoformed into the required intricate shapes. The table components were then assembled and fabricated. The entire table surface was smoothed, sanded and buffed to achieve a smooth matte finish.


By utilizing Sterling-Miller Designs customized fabrication solutions the desired table design and quality finished product was achieved.

The Result

Versatile. Exciting. Innovative. These are some of the words David Serero and John Beckman used to describe the UNA table. Surface magazine selected the UNA table and its designers to be featured in T.A.G. Team (Ten Avant-Garde Industrial Designers), the magazine’s exclusive touring exhibition that recognizes the most innovative emerging furniture and industrial designers. Surface magazine showcased their work at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the exhibition made its U.S. debut at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. The UNA table was also featured in the June 2002 issue of Interior Design magazine.

Serero and Beckman have joined the growing list of world-class architects and designers who are unlocking the design possibilities of Corian® and other Solid Surface materials for furniture.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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